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Ben Jones contributes to study on atypical working relationships in EU


Bloomsbury Professional has published the second volume documenting the product of a series of European Commission funded studies exploring the scope for restatement of critical areas of European employment law.

This second volume focuses on the regulation of atypical employment relationships across various European jurisdictions. It examines fixed term and part time work, along with consideration of the challenges arising from developments in flexible working and the gig economy.

As in the first volume (considering employee status) and the forthcoming third volume (focusing on dismissal protection), Ben Jones has been a contributor to this second volume. Along with Prof Jeremias Prassl (University of Oxford, Faculty of Law) Ben co-authors the chapter detailing the state of UK regulation.

B. Waas et al., Restatement of Labour Law in Europe Рvolume II РAtypical Employment Relationships (Bloomsbury Professional, 2019) is available at:

Volume I РConcept of the Employee (2017) is available at:

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