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Provision of facilities for disabled persons

The manner, terms and actual provision of services by Chambers are arranged according to objective criteria. Chambers will make reasonable adjustments to the provision of those services to ensure that people with a disability are not put at a substantial disadvantage, particularly in relation to the physical features of the buildings. Chambers regularly reviews its provision of services to ensure that people with a disability are not put at a substantial disadvantage and reasonable adjustments have been made. Any claim of discrimination related to a lay client’s or professional client’s disability will be taken seriously and investigated fully.

Our premises at 10-11 Bedford Row have the following facilities:

  • “Ring for Attention” bell at pavement level.
  • Portable ramped access to main entrance of the building.
  • Braille and LCD “call” buttons at front entrance.
  • Disabled toilet.
  • Induction loops for use in conference rooms and seminars.
  • Lift for access to all levels.
  • Braille and LCD displays on lift panels.
  • Wide doorways to accommodate wheelchair access.
  • Secure parking on site – please note there are some steps from the garage direct in to the premises, or step free access via the footpath to the front of our premises, which is approximately 150m.

Should you require further information regarding our facilities, or wish to discuss anything in confidence ahead of a potential visit to our premises, please feel free to contact the Chambers Director on 020 7269 0300.

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