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Prof. Alan Bogg appointed Deputy Chair of the Central Arbitration Committee


Prof. Alan Bogg has been appointed Deputy Chair of the Central Arbitration Committee (CAC). All appointments start on the 7th May 2024 and are for a five-year term.

The CAC is an independent statutory authority with specific functions relating to trade unions and employers. The most significant function of the CAC is adjudicating on the recognition and de-recognition of trade unions for collective bargaining in the workplace. This is carried out by applying the underpinning UK trade union recognition legislation when considering a union’s application for collective bargaining in a workplace, whilst seeking agreement between a union and the employer where possible.

The overall responsibility for the CAC’s work rests with the Chair. The CAC itself comprises three groups: Deputy Chairs; Members with experience as employers’ representatives (mainly HR Directors and Employment Relations leaders); and Members with experience as workers’ representatives (mainly senior trade union officials). It works through Panels consisting of the Chair or a Deputy Chair and one member drawn from each of the other two groups.

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Professor Alan Bogg

Professor Alan Bogg
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