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Oliver Segal QC co-writes book entitled “Commercial Agency – A Practical and Legal Guide” (Law Brief Publishing).


This book is written by Oliver Segal QC and Ben Griffin from DWF Law. But it is not a book written only for lawyers. The intention is to provide practical analysis and advice to agents, principals and their representatives (non-legal and legal) on the key questions that arise between them – during an agency relationship and following its conclusion.

When do the Regulations apply? What rights and obligations do the parties have during the agency? What sort of (mis-)conduct entitles the other party to terminate for cause? How can an agent or principal vary the terms of the agency without ending it? When is an agent entitled to an indemnity or compensation following termination? How does one calculate the value of that indemnity or compensation?

These are questions that regularly concern agents and principals, to which they and their representatives need clear answers. This book provides those answers.

Purchase the book here on Law brief publishing or Amazon.

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