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Old Square Chambers to speak at the ELA (Employment Lawyers Association) Annual Conference 2024

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Old Square Chambers members, Katharine Newton KC, Eleena Misra KC and Prof. Alan Bogg, will all speak at the ELA Annual Conference 2024, which will take place on Thursday 2nd May at the Convene 133 Houndsditch.

Katharine and Alan will be taking part in the plenary session entitled “2034 – a brave new world?”.

In this session, they will look ahead at what the employment landscape may look like in 2034. The panel of expert speakers will consider what trends and changes are likely to have the biggest impact on employment law in the next 10 years. Each speaker will put the case for their chosen topic followed by a panel discussion and questions from the floor.

Eleena will be speaking at a breakout session on “Accessing justice – can and should Pro Bono be bridging the gap?”.

Employment law has grown in scope and complexity over recent decades. However, the ability to access it has not.   With the availability of Legal Aid restricted to a very small number of employment law cases and alternative funding options limited, individuals without the means to privately fund their cases are often left either to go it alone or alternatively may decide not to prosecute their rights. The existence of a Pro Bono Committee within ELA is recognition of the fact that there are many individuals in need of employment law support who simply cannot afford to access it.

In this panel session, leaders in the Pro Bono sphere will discuss the difficulties faced by individuals experiencing issues in the workplace in accessing appropriate legal support, what measures are being put in place to provide this support, from calling on student volunteers to partnering with law firms and what more needs to be done to ensure justice is truly accessible to all.

Click here for full information (via the ELA website).


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