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Keeping up to date on transgender law


How can we keep a printed publication up to date in a fast moving and controversial area of the law?

We face this problem with ‘A Practical Guide to Transgender Law’ published in May 2021.  There is a stream of cases being decided, appealed and further appealed.  Was there ever going to be a period of stasis?  We thought not and so the only thing to do was to publish.  Within weeks there was Northern Irish Judicial Review, JR11, and the Forstater v CGD appeal to comment on.

The solution we have adopted in to take a leaf out of the estimable Kenneth Hamer’s well-respected work ‘Professional Conduct Casebook’, now in its third edition and do as he does by publishing occasional (free!!!) updates to download and keep with our book.

Update 2 is now available from our publisher’s website HERE and deals with such matters as the Bell v Tavistock Court of Appeal judgment, the recent UK Sport and International Olympic Committee revised guideline for inclusion in sport AND a whole new chapter on transgender law in Northern Ireland in which we have been greatly assisted by Ciaran Moynagh, Head of Equality and Diversity at Phoenix Law, Belfast.

Updates are cumulative, so you will only ever need the latest one.  Sometime in the new year, Update 3 is likely to deal with the Supreme Court judgment in Elan-Cane (Gender-neutral passports) and to have a Scottish chapter, completing our desire to cover the whole UK.

Eventually the update will become unwieldy and then it will be time to absorb them into the main text and republish, but we don’t expect that to be for a couple of years.

Meanwhile, A Practical guide to Transgender Law remains available from Law Brief Publishing and a number of other outlets including Amazon, Wildys and Waterstones at £29.99.  But the updates are free!

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