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Hughes & Anor v Greenwich LBC


House of Lords

A headmaster's right to buy council house occupied by him rent free as a job perquisite.
Council appeal against decision upholding headmaster's right under s.79 and s.118 Housing Act 1988 to buy the council house in the school grounds.
HELD: The respondent had occupied the house for some years before his retirement because his contract of service entitled him to free accommodation but did not expressly require him to occupy it or to do so for the better performance of his duties. He was not therefore precluded by para.2(1) Sch.1 from exercising his right to buy under Part V of the Act.
Appeal dismissed.

[1994] 1 AC 70,[1993] 3 WLR 821,[1993] 4 All ER 577,[1993] ICR 48.

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