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Eleena Misra contributes to “The Independent’s” article on sexual harassment at work


Eleena Misra has contributed to an article published in “The Independent’s” entitled “Barristers urge governent to launch new policies on sexual harassment at work”.

The Bar Council, which represents all 16,500 barristers in England and Wales, has lent its backing to a number of proposals the government has outlined in its recent consultation on sexual harassment at work. It comes after a global study recently found bullying and sexual harassment was particularly prevalent in the legal profession in the UK.

Eleena Misra, an employment and equalities barrister who is vice-chair of the committee, said: “The legal protections that currently exist within the framework of the Equality Act 2010 are not having the desired result ie there is still widespread harassment taking place in the workplace.

“The Bar Council considered that the law did need to be strengthened in this area.”

She added: “We did also flag in our response that it would be helpful not to see and therefore legislate for sexual harassment in isolation.

“Harassment linked to other characteristics that are protected within the Equality Act 2010 eg race or sexual orientation is no less important.

“The #MeToo movement has plainly highlighted the prevalence of sexual harassment, but the Bar Council would not wish for this area of law reform to become anomalous or to impede cohesive reform.” 

To read the full article in the Independent, please click here.

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