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Brian Cummins attending final day of Infected Blood Inquiry after over 5 years


Brian Cummins is attending the final day of the Infected Blood Inquiry (IBI) after over 5 years of representing the largest cohort (>1200) of infected and affected core participants, as an integral part of a counsel legal team of Steven Snowden KC and Dr Achas Burin.

Sir Brian Langstaff KC hands down his report, after opening the Inquiry in September 2018, 5 years worth of evidence, and closing submissions made by Brian and Steven Snowden KC in January 2023.

The IBI is the largest and oldest scandal to rock the Department of Health, the wider Government, and the NHS, yet to be resolved.

The inquiry has been cross border, affecting all nations of the UK, after  Contaminated blood and blood products was knowingly administered to haemophiliacs and transfusion patients over decades. It has occasioned HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis C, inflicting fatal illness and disease.

Thousands have died and continue to do so on an unprecedented scale.

Through the Inquiry, pressure has been brought on the Government to address this wrong doing.

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